11 Best Email Checker and Verification Tools in 2024

If you are running an online business, chances are you’ve been intensively using an email checker and email verification tool in your email marketing efforts for quite some time.

Email marketing has been one of the most vibrant and effective communication tools between business owners and consumers. At the end of 2024, 48% of consumers admitted that email marketing messages sent to their personal and business email addresses had become one of the driving factors of their online purchases. Recent studies report that more than 2.5 billion people worldwide still use email, which is anticipated to grow to 2.8. billion people in the next few years. 

Understanding Email Checkers: A Video Overview

Email is such an extensive discipline. The creation of a powerful tool called email had the same life-altering communication power as telephones when they were first created. To date, email newsletters and sales pitches are still one of the most promising and cost-effective digital marketing approaches to generate more income for your business online. Harnessing emails as a marketing channel is critical to every business and industry. If you’re wondering how to create an email for a business, it’s essential to understand the key strategies and best practices involved in crafting effective business emails.

A robust email list for your business can provide a high conversion rate and return on investment (ROI) income. Managing a contact list is becoming more demanding as the email lists grow. Email verification is essential for every email marketing effort as it ensures that every email message is sent to each email address with precision and accuracy.

Emails sent to invalid or fake email addresses, whether a business or personal address, will get bounced back, affecting the whole deliverability score of your email marketing campaigns. To ensure that your emails are adequately sent to their respective recipients, an email checker or email verification tool can reduce the email bounce rate and increase the deliverability rate (read the best practices for email deliverability), especially when sending bulk email newsletters to your email list.

What is an Email Checker?

An email checker is a software used to check the validity of email addresses to ensure that email campaigns are sent to legitimate email addresses. Email checker allows users to upload email lists to its platform to verify the list of emails in several logical ways. An Email verification tool can accurately identify the email address and domain structure and check a mailbox against an internet service provider to see if it exists. As a result, users can download the final email results of the email verification process and obtain the up to date, clean, and verified email lists.

In addition, an email checker tool can clean up fake and inactive users from your mailing lists, ensuring that your email marketing letters will be received by real and active users and preventing them from going under the spam folder. Marketing teams often use an email checker to improve email campaign performance, deliverability rate, and user engagement. This software is regularly integrated into a popular email and customer support software to maximize the number of emails that get read from the mass or bulk email marketing sending process to their customer base.

An email checker is an excellent tool for saving money and avoiding costly mistakes from sending emails to inactive and fake email addresses, as invalid email addresses produce a high bounce rate and reduces the deliverability score. An email verification tool can also detect if the email is a disposal or temporary email address, which is being used mostly by scammers and hackers. Furthermore, the email checker tool can be used to check or verify the email address entered and submitted by users in any web forms to check email lists for invalid or bounced addresses and validate email addresses before sending emails.

The 11 Best Email Verification and Validation Tools

Below is the list of the best email checker tools you can use to verify and clean up fake, inactive, disposal, or temporary email addresses to increase the deliverability score of your email marketing campaigns. The list is thoroughly researched in detail and is recommended to you for your email marketing campaigns.

Alfred by Email Industries

Alfred by Email Industries - email list hygiene.

Alfred by Email Industries is an email list hygiene service that offers an all-in-one threat detection and email validation service to ensure your emails have the best deliverability rates. With its next-level email verification, Alfred eliminates bad addresses and identifies good contacts. It also removes traps, zombies, bad actors, and more, guaranteeing that only valid and safe contacts receive your emails. Alfred is amazingly fast and backed by friendly support experts who are available via phone, email, or chat.

Alfred guarantees the best deliverability rates for your emails by ensuring the lowest threat scores. With its maximum reach, Alfred offers acceptable deliverability and low-to-moderate threat scores, making it an excellent option for businesses looking to lower their risk while still reaching their audience.

Alfred offers next-level email verification, which eliminates bad addresses and identifies good contacts. It removes traps, zombies, bad actors, and more, ensuring that you only send emails to contacts that are safe and valid. Alfred performs multiple activity checks to verify the identity of your contacts and returns plain English insights into the mailability of your contacts, making it easy to understand whether or not an email can be sent.

Whether you’re new to email list hygiene or have a well-established process, you’ll love Alfred. The service is amazingly fast, allowing you to complete list hygiene in minutes, and is backed by friendly support experts who are available via phone, email, or chat.

Alfred is completely compliant and is built to be GDPR compliant from the get-go. It ensures that malicious contacts and invalid email addresses are not sent, reducing your risk and your blood pressure.

Don’t just take our word for it, here are some testimonials from satisfied customers:

“A world-class email list hygiene service from tried-and-true email geeks. Alfred rocks!”

– Andrew Bonar, Founder, emailexpert.

“Price, performance, and usability. Alfred is the hands-down winner.”

– Chris Donald, CEO, InboxArmy.

With Alfred, you can rest easy knowing that your email list hygiene is in good hands.


Email Checker and Verification Tools

EmailListVerify is a robust email verification and email checker tool designed to help its users validate and clean up their email lists from fake, invalid, inactive disposable, and temporary email addresses.

EmailListVerify checks for spam traps by removing bounced emails, invalid email addresses, and misspelled or duplicate email addresses and identifying catch-all email domains.


  • High-level precision and accuracy with a fast email check turnaround time.
  • Catch-all email domain identification.
  • Bulk email list verification.
  • Web form email verification through ELV’s real-time API.
  • Easy integration with popular email marketing platforms like MailChimp, Aweber, Constant Contact, and more.
  • Easy to read and understand documentation.
  • Fast customer support.


  • May not be 100% accurate, and some valid email addresses may be flagged as invalid, fake, or disposable.
  • Can be costly for large email lists.
  • Registration can be improved and secured.
  • Email validation process may slow down on large email lists.

Pricing: EmailListVerifyoffers both credits and monthly subscription plans. A credit system is a pay-as-you-go option. They start at $4 for 1,000 email verifications. Subscription plans start at $139 per month for 5,000 email verifications daily.

EmailListVerify Reviews

Review 2:

Email List Verify is one email checker that I found to be quite beneficial for preserving the integrity of our email marketing list. It’s especially good at confirming that email addresses are indeed current and not just throwaway accounts, which has previously been a concern for us. The tool can run a little slowly, and it takes a while to check all of our email listings, which is one problem I have with it. In order for my computer to digest everything, I actually had to leave it on over night. In the future, I hope that this tool will be able to function more swiftly and effectively. I don’t have any other issues with it aside from that.

Review 2:

Email List Verify is a vital tool that I use in email marketing to make sure that the email addresses in our list are accurate. It’s excellent at confirming that email addresses are active and not just placeholders, which has previously given us issues. The email duplicate remover, which helps to verify that our data is consistent, is one feature that I particularly like. The program can be slow and takes a while to validate all of our email listings, which is a drawback. In order to handle everything, I actually had to keep my computer running through the night.

In the future, I hope that this tool will grow quicker and more effective. I haven’t observed any other problems with it save that.


Best Email Checker Tool

ZeroBounce is a popular email checker that removes all invalid email addresses while preventing hard bounces to help users increase their deliverability score. It allows businesses and individuals to check the validity and quality of email addresses by innovatively identifying fake, invalid, misspelled, and disposable emails by addressing marked emails as spam at a hostile rate.

ZeroBounce is a trusted email verification tool by prominent companies such as Amazon, TripAdvisor, and Samsung.


  • 99% email verification accuracy.
  • Easy to use and navigate.
  • Bulk email list verification.
  • Single email verification.
  • Secure email verification via GDPR and SOC 2 compliance.
  • 24/7 customer service.
  • Easy to read and understand documentation.
  • Email server tester and blocklist monitoring.
  • AI-driven email scoring and powerful deliverability tools.
  • Real-time web form verification API.
  • Seamless integration with popular email providers and services such as Mailchimp, Zapier, and more.


  • Can be cost-prohibitive for some businesses or individuals.
  • Limited geographic coverage. May only be able to validate some email addresses, especially those from certain countries.
  • Extreme security can be troublesome at times.
  • Reporting validation progress can be improved.
  • Email validation process may slow down on large email lists.

Pricing: ZeroBounce offers both free, credits, and monthly subscription plans. It provides 100 free email validation to get started. A credit system is a pay-as-you-go option. It starts at $16 for 2,000 email verifications. The monthly subscription plan starts at $15 per month for 2,000 email verifications.

ZeroBounce Reviews

Review 1:
Zero Bounce is a valuable email checker tool for improving email handling and increasing confidence in the workplace. The software has been particularly helpful in resolving a job crisis caused by opening a spam email containing malware, which severely impacted my PC and threatened the integrity of important departmental information. The ability to filter spam documents and emails from the inbox and code the application to isolate malicious emails is a crucial benefit of this software. It’s a reliable bulk email address verifier.

Review 2:
My experience with Zero Bounce has been exceptional. The software’s validation accuracy rate exceeds 90%, which provides a high level of security. The validation process is entirely automated, requiring only the upload of data and a click of a button. After the validation check is completed, the results are categorized into separate folders for valid and invalid emails, which is one of the software’s most valuable features.

However, the downside to the software is that if one user from an organization creates an account using the company domain email, other users from the same organization are unable to create an account or access the free version. This limitation prevents colleagues from sampling the trial account, which is not ideal.


Email checker software

myEmailVerifier is a fantastic email checker software that helps its users to validate the legitimacy of email addresses. The service allows you to detect spam traps, remove fake, duplicate, invalid, or inactive email addresses, and provide an updated, clean email list with 98% accuracy to help improve the deliverability of your email campaigns and reduce bounce rates.

This email checker tool can verify email addresses in bulk and offers a real-time email verification API that can be integrated into a website or application and verify email addresses instantaneously as the user enters them.


  • Ease of Use.
  • Bulk email verification.
  • Catch-all email checker.
  • Spam trap detection.
  • Domain/MX Record checker.
  • Greylisted domain detection.
  • Real-time email verification API.
  • High-Performance Real-time API.
  • Temporary Unavailability Detection.
  • Seamless integration with popular email providers and services such as Mailchimp, Aweber, and more.
  • Fast turnaround time.
  • 24/7 Customer Support.


  • Registration system infrequently provides broken email validation links.
  • Email validation process may occasionally slow down.
  • Can be costly for small-scale or infrequent email marketers.
  • Documentation doesn’t provide all the necessary information at first sight.
  • No real-time live chat support.

Pricing: myEmailVerifier only offers a pay-as-you-go option starting at verifying 100 credits for $1.44 ($ 0.002 per email). One credit is equal to one email verification. Discount codes are available in their client area.

myEmailVerifier Reviews

MyEmailVerifier is a helpful tool that is perfect for both individuals and businesses who need quick and accurate email verification. You can simply find false, invalid, and duplicate emails using this free program. Also, MyEmailVerifier offers users 100 email credits each day so they can begin validating emails right away.

While MyEmailVerifier is a potent email validation tool that protects your online accounts from potential dangers, there are certain drawbacks to the service that should be taken into account before using it.

One satisfied user of MyEmailVerifier claims that by assuring optimal email deliverability, the email validation service has helped them operate their email campaigns successfully. They like MyEmailVerifier’s accurate results because it checks their email list for a variety of things, including catch-all email servers, spam detection, domain checks, syntax checks, and more.

MyEmailVerifier has generally been regarded by this client as an intriguing and useful solution for email validation with no least favored features.


Search email addresses for business leads

Hunter.io is a tool frequently used to find or search email addresses for business leads based on the website or domain being prospected, which provides specific information such as first and last name, position, and email addresses. Due to its robust features, it’s being widely used by 3,000,000+ users and utilized by popular companies.

It also includes email checker features designed primarily to clean up email lists by identifying fake emails, invalid emails, blocklisted emails, temporary emails, and emails with hard bounce rates.


  • Easy to use interface.
  • Domain Search.
  • Bulk email address verifier.
  • Extensive Database with over 2 billion email addresses.
  • Confidence scoring.
  • Advance filters.
  • Link tracking.
  • Bulk email list verification.
  • Single email verification.
  • Chrome extension integration.
  • Detailed email information reporting, which includes email format and source count.
  • CRM, automation, and emailing software integration such as Salesforce, Gmail, Zapier, and more.
  • Real-time live chat support.


  • Limited search capabilities outside the specific domain.
  • May not be 100% accurate, and some valid email addresses may be flagged as invalid, inactive, or disposable.
  • Information being generated is sometimes outdated.
  • Some bugs may occur infrequently.
  • Lack of integration with other CRM and marketing tools.
  • Can be costly for small-scale or infrequent email marketers.

Pricing: Hunter.io’s pricing structure provides five subscription plans. The free plan gets 25 monthly email searches and 50 monthly email verifications. The paid plan starts at $49 monthly for 500 email searches and 1,000 monthly email verification.

Hunter.io Reviews

Reivew 1: For as long as I’ve used Hunter, I have to say that it’s a true treasure. This platform provides a wide range of capabilities, such as data validation, email search, campaign management, team communication, and many more. Its user-friendliness is what I enjoy about it, and more significantly, the fact that their subscription options are affordable means that I won’t have to break the bank.

Providing support is another area where the Hunter team excels, and they are remarkably quick to respond. The fact that Hunter keeps improving its service, which I find fantastic, is also worth highlighting. I unquestionably urge you to do it.


AI-powered email checker solution

Folderly is an all-in-one AI-powered email checker solution for both marketers and businesses. It helps companies ensure that their email marketing lists are up-to-date by identifying and removing spam traps with active IP monitoring and non-existing, invalid, and misspelled email addresses.

It’s a great email checker for professionals looking for a guarantee of more than a 60% increase in open and engagement rates and a 99.9% average Inbox placement rate.


  • AI-based email verification.
  • Email Deliverability Audit.
  • Domain Health and Sender Score monitoring.
  • DNS Record solutions.
  • Reporting feature for custom plain text and HTML email templates spam triggers.
  • Integrates via API and SMTP with popular email service providers and service providers such as Google Workspace, Sendgrid, Mailgun, and more.


  • Registration only allows business/domain-based email addresses.
  • Initial setup can be complex.
  • Some interfaces are difficult to navigate or understand.
  • Email verification may not be always accurate.
  • Documentation can be difficult to understand.
  • Pricing can be more costly than the other similar tool on the market.

Pricing: Folderly offers monthly and yearly plans for Cold Email Outreach. The monthly plans start at $200 per month per mailbox. In contrast, the yearly plans start at $160 per month per mailbox. For Email Marketing, you need to contact support to get a quote.

In addition, Folder offers add-on services such as:

  • Email Deliverability Test, which costs $129 / month.
  • Email Deliverability Audit (you need to contact support to get a quote)
  • Template Writing (you need to contact support to get a quote)

Folderly Reviews

According to one happy user, Folderly is an email monitoring service that offers top-notch customer care. The ability to monitor emails is incredibly helpful for keeping track of one’s position. This customer needed assistance figuring out some problems they were having with their email links, and Sasha, a customer service professional, was able to provide it.

While being a fantastic email monitoring service, there are some drawbacks to Folderly, according to one review. One issue for small firms trying to make the most of their resources is that the price per inbox is a little more than anticipated. As a result, instead of having all of their emails covered, the customer had to downgrade to only one email on each domain.

The ability to keep emails out of spam filters and deliver them to the appropriate recipients is one of the many important advantages of using Folderly. Furthermore, Folderly has demonstrated value in restoring confidence following losses, enabling the continuation of email campaigns to the sales team.


Email validation tool for business

Clearout.io is among the best email validation tools that help businesses and individuals expand their reach, lower hard bounces, and improve the deliverability rates of their email marketing campaigns through its comprehensive email checker features.

With its email-checking capabilities, Clearout.io guarantee more than 98% accuracy and more than 20 refined validation checks using its real-time verification, domain, and syntax validation, and catch-all type feature that makes it easy to identify and remove fake, invalid, duplicate, and disposable email addresses.

Clearout.io is trusted by big companies such as Adobe, DataCaptive, InMobi, and more.


  • Bulk email list verification.
  • Quick email verification.
  • Greylisting verification.
  • Email finder/search.
  • Auto Suggestion.
  • Syntax Validation.
  • Blocklist Verification.
  • Yahoo, AOL Validation.
  • Gibberish Check.
  • Spam Trap Detection and Extended SMTP Validation.
  • Real-time email validation through its API integration.
  • Fast turnaround time.
  • Seamless integration with top CRM, email marketing tools, and integration services like Mailchimp, Active Campaign, Zapier, and more.
  • Real-time live chat support.
  • Easy to navigate and understand documentation.


  • Registration only allows business/domain-based email addresses.
  • Some interfaces can be confusing to use.
  • The learning curve in using the platform can be steep.
  • Infrequently report some spam emails as valid.
  • Installing real-time email validation API can be complex.
  • No IP reputation verification.
  • May require some custom development or technical knowledge to integrate with some CRM software.

Pricing: Clearout.io offers both one-time purchases and subscription plans. The one-time purchase is a pay-as-you-go option. It starts at $21 for 3,000 credits.

Subscription plans have monthly and annual plans. The monthly plan starts at $31.5  per month for 5,000 credits. In contrast, the annual plan starts at $23.2  per month (billed annually) for 5,000 credits per month. In addition, it offers a free account with 100 credits to get you started.

Clearout.io Reviews

Review 1: “For our nonprofit campaign, I’ve been utilizing Clearout.io for the past two years. Every year, we send gift information to nursing home residents, but we’ve encountered issues with volunteers submitting inaccurate email addresses—about 10% of them were. This has resulted in numerous issues, including bounced emails and lost emails that our support team has had to look for manually each year. Yet Clearout.io has spared us from all of this trouble. I was able to integrate it with our unique checkout forms using a WordPress function.”

Review 2: “I had no problems with Clearout.io itself, however my custom form didn’t work with the WordPress plugin. Luckily, Clearout.io support gave me a different option that involved using a WordPress function.”

Review 3: “We have found Clearout.io to be quite beneficial for organizing incoming emails and making sure they are entered correctly. When we first started, we only had two email fields, but some users still managed to enter their address improperly, leading to a large number of support inquiries. We’ve been able to prevent these problems and cut down on support time thanks to Clearout.io.”


Mailer Check

MailerCheck is another powerful web-based email verification tool that tests and troubleshoot emails to ensure a high deliverability score on your email campaigns. It validates emails by providing spam scores and checks the email headers and content before finally running tests on several email clients to ensure the legitimacy of email lists. 

MailerCheck also checks for invalid, inactive, duplicate, and disposable emails and provides detailed reports on each email issue.


  • Bulk email verification.
  • Spam score feature.
  • Domain monitoring activity feature.
  • Reporting feature on email deliverability issues with recommended solutions.
  • Easy integration with popular email marketing services such as Mailchimp, Active Campaign, and more.


  • It may not be convenient for small-scale or infrequent email marketers.
  • Some interfaces are difficult to navigate or understand.
  • Documentation is not straightforward.
  • No real-time chat support.
  • Pricing is not very clear.

Pricing: MailerCheck offers both one-time purchases and monthly subscription plans. The one-time purchase is a pay-as-you-go option. It starts at $10 for 1,000 credits. The paid monthly subscription plans start at $125 per month, but how many emails you can verify per month needs to be clarified. They also offer a free plan, but it’s not clear about its limitations.

MailerCheck Reviews

One of the most significant advantages of utilizing MailerCheck is the simplicity of its implementation and the friendliness of its interface. Even users with less experience will have no trouble navigating the tool and will be able to make efficient use of its capabilities. In point of fact, I just recently gave one of my interns the task of configuring and using MailerCheck, and the entire process was a snap and took only a few hours from beginning to end.

MailerCheck already offers a lot of fantastic features, but there is one area in which it might use some improvement. It would be useful for monthly customers to have the ability to carry over contacts from one month to the next if those contacts were not utilized during the previous month. Nonetheless, when taken as a whole, the application provides an excellent answer to the problems of email verification and avoiding spamming of email lists.

My email marketing efforts have been much simplified thanks to MailerCheck, and I am now able to be assured that my communications will be received by recipients who have shown interest in them.


Cloud-based email verification tool and list cleaning

MillionVerifier is a comprehensive cloud-based email verification tool and list cleaning services that provide more than 99% verification accuracy. This email checker ensures that invalid, fake, disposable, and temporary emails are blocked using its email verifier API and real-time validation features to enhance the deliverability of email marketing campaigns and help businesses comply with strict ESPs guidelines. It keeps email marketing accounts consistently clean using its real-time email verification service called MillionVerifier EverClean.

MillionVerifier offers a 100% money-back guarantee and is trusted by more than 70,000 businesses worldwide.


  • Easy to use interface.
  • Bulk email list verification.
  • Single email verification.
  • ESP integrations import.
  • Syntax or IP address verification
  • Email Verification API integration.
  • Remove invalid emails daily.
  • Secure data storage inclusion.
  • Works in the background.
  • Real-time live chat support.
  • Free EmailAcademy account.
  • Seamless integration with popular email marketing tools, and integration services like Mailchimp, Mailgun, ActiveCampaign, and more.


  • Some interfaces can be confusing or challenging to navigate.
  • May not be 100% accurate, and some valid email addresses may be flagged as invalid, fake, or disposable.
  • Some users reported email verification issues with Yahoo domain-based emails.

Pricing: MillionVerifier offers Verification Credits (pay-as-you-go option) and Automated Email Verification (monthly subscription) plans. It offers $37 per 10,000 credits and $15 per month (monthly subscription) for 10,000 email verifications.

MillionVerifier Reviews

I don’t usually write reviews, but I found MillionVerifier by accident and I have to say, I’m very impressed. Because the credits automatically renew, this setup is set and forget, which is exactly what we needed because our list is always growing and could need to be verified at any time. I’m glad I found out about this service because it has much lower prices than its competitors and just as many (if not more) features.



Snov.io is another web-based tool that offers various lead generation features such as email verification, email finder/search, and email drip campaigns. This tool helps businesses and marketers find the best convertible leads and automate cold outreach using several email verification and automation features, including domain check, mail server validation, catch-all email services, disposable email detection, and bulk email verification.

Snow.io is trusted by 130,000 companies in more than 180 countries such as Canva, DocuSign, Zendesk, and more.


  • Email Finder.
  • Drip Campaigns.
  • Email Warm-up.
  • Bulk email list verification.
  • Email Finder Extensions.
  • Technology Checker.
  • Email tracking and monitoring.
  • Snov.io API integration to sync your leads, find emails, manage prospects, and more.
  • Seamless integration with top CRM, email marketing tools, productivity, and integration services like Hubspot, SalesForce, Slack, and more.
  • Documentation is organized and straightforward.
  • Real-time live chat support.
  • Offers different pricing options to accommodate different needs and budgets.


  • Some interfaces can be confusing or challenging to navigate.
  • Accuracy of the email addresses found may not be 100% all time.
  • Some users have reported issues with customer support.
  • Some users reported some bugs while using the platform.
  • Lack of extra features such as database search and contact selection.

Pricing: Snov.io offers both monthly and annual plans. The paid monthly plan starts at $39 per month for 1,000 credits. The annual plan starts at $30 for 1,000 credits (billed annually). It also has a free/trial plan for 150 credits.

Snov.io Reviews

One user of Snovio is very happy with the service, and he or she specifically mentioned how many options it gives. With Snovio, users can manage their sales outreach from start to finish. This includes finding and verifying email addresses, collecting and managing email lists, and even automating personalized email campaigns in bulk. Even better, the service comes with a free CRM that is enough for small startups with only one or two sales reps. Also, the Snovio support team is great and has been able to solve any problems users have had quickly, even late at night.

The user did mention one small problem they had with Snovio, though. Sometimes, not all emails can be found, but this happens rarely and doesn’t change how happy the user is with the service as a whole.

Overall, Snovio is a great tool for new businesses that want to improve their sales outreach. Users can quickly find and organize email addresses, switch between prospecting and email campaigns, and keep everything in one place thanks to its easy-to-use interface.


Accurate email verification tools online

Emailable is one of the best and most accurate email verification tools online. It improves email deliverability by 99% and reduces the bounce rate of email campaigns by removing bad emails from the list at the point of capture. It also offers comprehensive reporting features on key deliverability metrics about the issues of email deliverability and secure inbox placement.

Emailable is trusted by 1,000 forward-thinking teams and companies in more than 170 countries, such as Sprinter, Minecraft, Alibaba, and more.


  • Easy to use interface.
  • Bulk email list verification.
  • Single email list verification.
  • 99% email deliverability accuracy.
  • Accept-All Email Detection.
  • Email deliverability tracking, monitoring, and reporting.
  • Website API integration.
  • Email Quality Score.
  • Anti-Greylisting Technology.
  • Gender and name detection.
  • Syntax and domain validation.
  • Real-time email validation widget.
  • Easy integration with the best ESP, CRM, and marketing platforms such as ActiveCampaign, ClickFunnels, Google Forms, and more.
  • 24/7 support real-time live chat support.


  • Some interfaces can be confusing or challenging to navigate.
  • May not be 100% accurate, and some invalid email addresses may be flagged as valid.
  • Email validation process may slow down on large email lists.
  • No history or log information for what email was checked via API.
  • Can be costly for small-scale or infrequent email marketers.

Pricing: Emailable comes with Credits (pay-as-you-go option), Monitor, and Deliverability options. All plans have monthly and annual plans:

  • Credits option starts at $30 for 5,000 credits (pay-as-you-go option) and  $25.50 per month for 5,000 credits for its monthly plan.
  • Monitor option starts at $9 for up to 1,000 emails for its monthly plan and $86 per year for up to 1,000 emails per month for its annual plan.
  • Deliverability option has a standard plan of $149 per month and $1,490 per year for 500 inbox reports. It also offers an Enterprise version, but you need to contact support to get a quote.

Emailable Reviews

In the online class I’m taking right now, we use Emailable to make sure our emails get to our clients’ inboxes. Emailable is great because it helps us keep our email reputation, which is important for our main marketing strategy to work. Emailable is very accurate, unlike other email validators that just guess. It even offers a guarantee to back it up. It makes sure that our SMTP accounts and the accounts of our clients rarely bounce from somewhere else. This is great for keeping a good reputation and making sure that our emails always get to our clients’ inboxes.

Even though I would have liked automatic integrations with Mautic, I’m still happy with Emailable because we can verify a lot of lists at once much faster than we could with other similar products. This has made our team more productive and allowed us to get rid of fewer leads without changing the accuracy of the information we have.

What Should You Consider When Choosing an Email Checker Tool?

The market is full of various email verification tools and services. Some tools are great for a specific task, while others provide all the necessary features for your email marketing campaigns.

When choosing an email checker tool, it’s essential to consider a few important factors to help you decide which tool you should choose and use:

  • Accuracy. It should provide more than 99% accuracy in detecting valid and invalid email addresses.
  • Speed. It should be able to process small and large numbers of email addresses quickly.
  • Security. It should be able secure email addresses from any external attacks, such as data breaches.
  • User-friendly interface. It should be easy to navigate and understand by the user.
  • API or integration. It should be able to integrate popular marketing platforms and similar services for seamless use.
  • Price. It should be reasonably priced for the features it offers.
  • Customer Support. It should offer excellent customer service when needed promptly. 
  • Scalability. It should be able to process the number of email addresses you need to verify.

Choosing the Best Tool to Check Your Email Lists

It’s critical to get the best email verification service for your requirements if you’re a business owner looking for one. You should take into account the pricing, the functionality provided, and how well it combines with your present email marketing solutions.

One thing to bear in mind is that you’ll need a solution that interfaces directly with your email provider if you need to authenticate email addresses on a regular basis. This makes it simpler to maintain an updated email list and make sure the proper people are receiving your communications.

Clearout.io is a fantastic tool that provides this kind of interaction. With its extensive email checker features, it’s one of the best email validation services out there. It can recognize and eliminate fraudulent, incorrect, duplicate, and disposable email addresses thanks to its real-time verification, domain and syntax validation, and catch-all type function. More than 98% accuracy is guaranteed by Clearout.io, which is a major bonus.

Another choice to take into account is ZeroBounce, which has a ton of functionality and several API integrations.

Each solution on the list can handle bulk email checking if your primary objective is to validate emails for outreach reasons. Hunter, though, is best suited for outreach because it also aids in locating people’s email addresses.

In conclusion, it’s crucial to pick an email verification service that works for you. Depending on your needs, Clearout.io, ZeroBounce, and Hunter are all excellent choices.

Email Checker Reviews from Clients

It would appear, based on user evaluations and feedback, that customers want email checker to provide accurate email verification and validation services. This involves confirming that emails are valid, exist, and will not bounce or be designated as spam.

Clients also want email checking to help them manage their email reputation and improve their deliverability rates, which is crucial for organizations who rely on email as their primary marketing method. In addition, clients need email checker tool to be user-friendly and effective, with quick processing times and the capacity to manage massive email lists.

People need a trustworthy and efficient email verification solution to enhance their email marketing operations.

Andrian Valeanu
Andrian Valeanu

Andrian Valeanu is a highly respected and recognized expert in email marketing and deliverability with over 20 years of experience in the industry. As the founder of Designmodo, a leading company in email building, Andrian has established a solid reputation for his expertise and guidance, catering to businesses of all sizes.