HTML Email Development Best Practices

Crafting a beautiful and impactful HTML email with a consistent user experience is a daunting task, even for experts. The deal is being less progressive than web browsers, mail providers do not agree with each other in what features they support and how they render them. As a result, you are left with a limited amount of tools and a…
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What is a List-Unsubscribe Header and Why is Important

E-mail marketers always have lots on their plate: they need to analyze stats, come up with an offer, segment subscribers and create impressive email designs. Therefore, they often miss tiny details that turned out to be tiebreakers at the end. One of such things is the unsubscribe option. Found at the bottom of the newsletter and set in the smallest…
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What is Reverse DNS and How to Setup

Not all tools that sales teams use to generate leads are marketing-related. Some of them are high-tech specs that may sound frightening at first sight but prove highly effective at further familiarization. One of such tools is reverse DNS, or to be more precise reverse DNS lookup. Reverse DNS lookup is the secret ingredient that helps professional marketers broaden the…
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What is DMARC Record and Why is It Important for Email

Email is the most popular channel of communication between the company and the target market. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that it is the prime target for hackers. According to recent studies, it is involved in more than 90% of all network attacks that cause tremendous financial loss for both organizations and customers. To deescalate this situation and prevent…
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What is DKIM Record and How to Set Up It to Prevent Email Spoofing

Maintaining a strong, positive and secure sender reputation is difficult when online threats happen every 39 seconds, and the number of phishing emails containing malware has risen to 97% recently. ISPs do not trust companies, making it hard to earn your name. However, there is a way out even for those who only start their businesses and are obliged to…
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What is the SPF and How to Create an SPF TXT Record?

Before the upsurge of email marketing, ISPs have led a relatively calm life: they have managed a small number of emails and efficiently fought spammers and hackers. However, things have changed dramatically. With the internet becoming easily accessible and email marketing drastically growing in popularity, the number of emails sent and received globally has reached a staggering 306 billion lately.…
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IP Address Blacklist Check and Why is Important

Email marketing is the main driving force of every business online. It has a massive ROI generating more than $40 for every $1 spent. However, to enjoy these benefits, email campaigns should run smoothly without any interruptions. This is difficult to achieve because of the online threats that have reached a staggering mark recently. According to stats, almost 80% of…
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How to Check if Your Email Domain is Blacklisted

Do you know that number of spam emails greatly exceeds the number of legitimate emails? According to recent studies, more than 80% of all emails are spam, which costs businesses a staggering $20 billion every year. Spam is a serious and costly thing. It is no wonder why large companies, ISPs, and mail service providers are obsessed with preventing it…
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