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What is Reverse DNS and How to Setup

Not all tools that sales teams use to generate leads are marketing-related. Some of them are high-tech specs that may sound frightening at first sight but prove highly effective at further familiarization. One of such tools is reverse DNS, or…

What is the SPF and How to Create an SPF TXT Record?

Before the upsurge of email marketing, ISPs have led a relatively calm life: they have managed a small number of emails and efficiently fought spammers and hackers. However, things have changed dramatically. With the internet becoming easily accessible and email…

How to Check if Your Email Domain is Blacklisted

Do you know that number of spam emails greatly exceeds the number of legitimate emails? According to recent studies, more than 80% of all emails are spam, which costs businesses a staggering $20 billion every year. Spam is a serious…