7 Best Email Deliverability Tools in 2024

The email marketing industry offers a sheer volume of options. From building feature-rich, high-engaged digital newsletters using handy code-free platforms to analytical tools that draw an overall picture of strategy performance – there is a solution for every problem, aspect, niche, and budget. Deliverability is no exception.

As one of the most critical factors of successful email marketing, it is fully covered by most software makers. On the one hand, this is good news because you do not need to leave any stone unturned or reinvent the wheel to get a necessary solution. On the other hand, this means you have to sift through numerous options that are regularly replenished with new promising players. This can be overwhelming, irritating, and time-consuming.

Follow our small guide that reveals the process of picking the best email marketing software for deliverability that fits your niche, requirements, and demands. We will uncover the must-have features of such applications and the basic routine to choose the one for your particular needs. Afterward, we will compare and contrast the best seven options on the web to give you a head start.

First, we will highlight several reasons companies must choose platforms prioritizing deliverability.

Reasons to Get the Best Email Marketing Software for Deliverability

Email marketing software plays a crucial role in a company’s overall success. It underlies a comprehensive and effective strategy and provides tools to engage and secure loyal customers through email. It comes with numerous benefits that level up the game.

However, it can be disappointing if you choose the wrong platform that lacks the right tools for your tasks. Consider several good reasons to invest money in the best email marketing software for deliverability.

Email Spam Checker Tool

It will save you time

With reliable email marketing software centered around deliverability, you do not need to do everything from scratch manually, wasting your precious time. You may quickly import thousands of contacts, segment them according to your goals, personalize emails, and send them to subscribers at their preferred time.

It will save you money

As your company eventually grows, your subscription list will expand. Handling a thousand subscribers does not take much time and effort. However, when this number is multiplied, it may require more time and, most importantly, human resources. This means recruiting new staff and educating them, leading to additional expenses.

With ESP, you may deal with thousands of subscribers without expanding your staff. Eventually, you will need more professionals, but this number will grow slowly.

Another way ESP saves your money is by protecting you from getting a low deliverability rate that causes money loss. It offers tools to advance the company instead of stagnating or, even worse, degrading. It alarms about spam traps, blacklists, and some other issues, thereby preventing money-losing situations.

Find the Best Email Marketing Software for Deliverability

Benefits of using professional ESP

It will optimize deliverability and some other crucial metrics

Using a personal account for running email campaigns comes with numerous risks. The biggest is to be blocked by spam filters and sent to blacklists – this will ruin everything and nullify all your progress.

ESP, on the other hand, is a widely acknowledged way to deliver your messages to the door – most ISPs trust them. It is the only way to build your sender’s score and reputation safely.

On top of that, it uses all its tools to improve deliverability, underlying a solid ground for high conversions.

It will improve the overall strategy

The professional ESP opens vast possibilities for email marketers. They may undertake numerous crucial tasks that improve the overall strategy, such as:

  • do wholly-grained segmentation,
  • personalize email for each contact,
  • send emails at the exact time and frequency,
  • automatically react to certain situations, like sending shopping cart abandoned newsletters or reactivating dormant subscribers,
  • avoid spam triggers,
  • regain your reputation, etc.

Not only do all these operations enhance other crucial metrics that underlie the success of the overall strategy, but they also escalate the deliverability rate.

It will grow and expand your business

The professional ESP that meets your particular requirements for deliverability rate gives access to numerous tools that upgrade current campaigns and let you realize the true potential of your strategy. Offering professional analytical tools, it supplies companies with crucial information to better understand the audience’s target segments and run campaigns that resonate with clients. This builds a strong brand identity and levels up the reputation.

There is more: ESP also integrates with other platforms, allowing businesses to create an omnichannel presence vital for overall growth.

The Ultimate List of Email Marketing Stats

Snippet from The Ultimate List of Email Marketing Stats for 2023 by Hubspot

Top 5 Features That Make Effective Email Marketing Software for Deliverability

There are many tools to manage customer communication and increase conversions and revenue through email channels. However, a marketing tool focusing on deliverability should help you build and maintain a good domain reputation, ensure a high send score, and analyze email performance. It should also have tools to check blacklists and spam scores.

Deliverability is not usually the selling point of marketing tools. It may even come as an afterthought in some services. So, how do you pick the exemplary email marketing service in a crowded market? What is the best option to increase deliverability?

Seeing that high email deliverability depends on the sender’s reputation, quality of contact list, type of server in use, blacklist, and spam traps, here are several crucial factors you must keep in mind while sifting through the options and evaluating solutions.

Rich testing functionalities

Testing in email marketing comes in all shapes and sizes. However, you should prioritize checks for the sender’s score and IP reputation, checks of blacklists, and A/B testing. They are crucial for a high deliverability rate. Look for a platform that provides tools to handle them.

It will also help if the platform can assess your chance to deliver the message to the target group beforehand, preventing you from getting into a spam folder or blacklist.

Analytics and reporting capabilities

Deliverability is closely related to such crucial metrics as open rates, hard and soft bounce rates, click-through rates, and unsubscribe rates. Together, they show the overall success of a campaign and reveal some hidden problems.

The more real insights into the performance of your infrastructure you get, the better. The deep analysis of multiple metrics allows for improved deliverability from different angles. Therefore, stick to software with rich reporting capabilities.

Unspam report

Unspam report

Segmentation and personalization

Targeting audiences by their interests, preferences in time and frequency, browsing history, and even products they have added to their shopping cart is crucial for ensuring high deliverability. It is here where segmentation combined with hyper-personalization comes into play. The best email marketing software for deliverability should provide instruments to create this powerful tandem.


Automation is not just a fancy word coming from the tech World; it is a necessity. It can save you time and effort in many ways, catering specifically to your needs. It prides itself on streamlining, speeding up the process, and taking team collaboration to the next level.

However, when it comes to deliverability, first and foremost, it helps businesses avoid manual human mistakes that happen all the time. On top of that, it also resends an email to people who did not open it, thereby decreasing the soft bounce rate and recovering the sale through sending triggered emails, thereby improving the open and click-through rate.

Automation is a crucial feature of most ESPs, but you must look for accessible platforms to set up and update the automation process. Prioritize those that offer sample automation journeys to ensure high deliverability: they will give you a head start.

If you plan to work with automation tools through Google Chrome, please note that it may slightly slow down your device. So, you can use apps that will increase the productivity of your computer.

Integration potential

The potential of ESP to collaborate with other platforms allows the business to create more hyper-personalized email content. Delivering value helps minimize the risks of being flagged as spam or causing spam reports, leading to blacklists and low deliverability rates.

Integration potential

Apps and integrations in Mailchimp

Last but not least

It would also make your life easier if you find the platform that

  • specializes in authentication,
  • warms up domain and IP,
  • analyzes subject lines and body copy for spam-like content,
  • provides professional deliverability assistance,
  • has a quick and responsive support,
  • offers a flexible pricing policy,
  • and comes with a professional email builder.

How to Choose the Best Email Marketing Software for Deliverability?

Choosing the best ESP can be overwhelming, even when you are perfectly aware of features and capabilities that separate the best options in the niche from mediocre. The reason is simple: every business is unique.

Finding the right fit for your company, niche, goals, and budget is tricky. However, considering all aspects and factors is crucial to successfully and efficiently drive business to your bottom line. Follow this step-by-step routine to pick the best email marketing software for your case.

Step 1 – Understand marketing goals.

Marketing goals define everything in strategy and campaign, from deadline to a choice of newsletter graphical features. They provide crucial insights to make an informed decision. They clarify how you will use your marketing platform and uncover the depth of functionality your business requires now.

Step 2 – Assess the capacity of your team.

Whatever professional and clever email marketing platform could be, it is useless if your team lacks the knowledge, skills, and experience to handle it. If you have time and money to educate your personnel, omit this step. However, this can be an issue if you are a startup with a shoestring budget and limited time to deliver results.

Overall, email marketing software is just a tool in intelligent hands. Therefore, it is crucial to assess your team’s capacity to understand with what platform your team will thrive.

Step 3 – Determine the type of emails you will send.

Email marketing is increasingly diverse. It does not revolve only around promotional blasts. There are at least five popular types of digital newsletters companies generally send to customers to build strong relationships and increase conversions. They are:

  • Informative emails. They discover companies and products by sharing relevant and high-value content. As a rule, they do not pursue conversion goals.
  • Promotional emails. They are the driving force of clicks, conversions, and revenue. They draw attention to new products or praise new features in the service, delivering actual value to the customer. They also notify about special offers, limited-time deals, or exclusive content.
  • Transactional emails. They are sent in response to a specific action performed by the person or, contrary, ignorance or indifference when action is expected. Order confirmation, password reset, registration, or email address activation are the most popular.
  • Re-engagement emails. They reactivate subscribers who have stopped engaging with emails. They are sent to subscribers who are also inactive during a specific period.
  • Lead nurturing emails. They deliver valuable targeted content to get subscribers down the sales funnel. As a rule, they are sent in sequence.

Decide what types of emails you are going to send. Each one requires its planning, setup, segmentation, and timing that ESP should fully cover without sacrificing the deliverability rate.

How to Choose the Best Email Marketing Software for Deliverability?

Welcome email from Slack

Step 4 – Work out the volumes and frequency of emails you will likely send.

Ask yourself, how many emails do you expect to send? Are you going to send them daily or weekly? Also, predict your subscription list’s growth or strategy changes during the year. These criteria are crucial to understanding what capacity your email marketing software should have.

Step 5 – Decide on the necessity of cross-linking.

Email marketing is just one of several distribution and communication channels. If you want to extend your presence, it is crucial to see capabilities in ESP that will assist you in this matter. Even if your business is not ready yet to handle all of them, it is vital to think outside of simply sending emails.

It is also highly recommended to consider the platform’s ability to integrate with other services. This improves the sales and marketing tech stack and allows the company to build and implement an omnichannel marketing campaign and strategy.

Step 6 – List must-have features.

The previous steps give you insights into the capacity of the ESP. The time has come to compile a list of must-have functionalities and features you need to grow in your particular niche. This helps to provide what you need for your business and not pay for sophisticated elements you do not need. As we have already mentioned, consider these aspects in the first place:

  • Analytics and reporting. This implies statistical data, reports, and insights.
  • Deliverability monitoring. This implies monitoring as well as alerting and notifying about issues.
  • Spam analysis. This implies checking blacklists and ensuring email content will not trigger spam filters.
  • Automation. This implies automating repetitive tasks and scheduling emails and campaigns according to triggers.
  • A/B Testing. This implies comparing the performance of multiple factors of email campaigns.

It would also help if the platform had a quick and responsive customer support team. The availability of real people via email or chat is crucial to address issues with deliverability right away.

Step 7 – Set your budget and understand the pricing policy.

Budget is a decisive factor. It will instantly limit the options, leaving you with realistic and affordable choices.

It is also highly recommended to understand the pricing policy of the software. It can be a per-seat or per-user model presented in a tiered form. Alternatively, it can be the flat rate pricing model with a fixed fee. As your company grows, you must understand how your budget will be affected and the best way to save money but get the most benefits without shifting platforms.

Pricing policy in Unspam

Pricing policy in Unspam

The Best Email Marketing Software for Deliverability

1. Unspam

The Best Email Marketing Software for Deliverability

Unspam is a one-stop professional email spam checker and all-around tester. Thousands of marketers appreciate it across the Globe as a trustworthy platform. It does numerous tasks crucial to maximize your email marketing returns and ensure a high deliverability rate:

  • It checks popular domains and IP addresses blacklists.
  • It tests SPF records, DKIM, and Reverse DNS.
  • It analyzes subject lines and email content to spot practices that may trigger spam filters.
  • It previews emails on different screens to highlight inconsistencies in a display that may cause low click-through rates or spam complaints.

This information is assembled under one roof through a digital report that non-tech-savvy business owners can quickly examine.

Another massive advantage of Unspam is its access to email deliverability consultants. Their experts are trained to help improve email deliverability for businesses in different niches. Not only do they identify the roadblocks, but they also remove them and provide suggestions on how to improve the overall situation.

2. Folderly


As the team puts it, high email deliverability is made easy with Folderly. Indeed, this professional email marketing software was created to increase the deliverability rate. It comes with such crucial features as:

  • SPF record builder to ensure authentication of emails.
  • DMARC generator to create a customized Requested Mail Receiver policy.
  • Email spam checker to scan the content for spam words and poor email practices.
  • Integrations with all popular email service providers to get your campaign to the next level.
  • Domain and IP monitoring.
  • Detailed reports.

On top of that, the software offers a proactive resolution of deliverability issues and preventive care. You may get tailored advice for your campaign and strategy from their team of experts.

3. GlockApps


GlockApps is a small yet powerful email automation tool best used for ramping up deliverability rate. It houses some fantastic features like getting real-time notifications and alerts of any issues that can also be found in big players such as GetResponse. Its AI bot keeps businesses posted about their domain health and security.

As for the essentials, the platform provides real-time deliverability reports and insights to estimate the percentage of emails in recipients’ inboxes. It also detects and prevents the domain from cyber incidents. Finally, it has a knowledgeable support staff that helps make the most out of the software and may provide advice on improving deliverability for your particular case.

4. Alfred.email


If you struggle to get your emails in your inbox, you should check out Alfred.email. The name has it all. The platform was created to decrease bounce rates and ipso facto improve deliverability rates. It clears up a bunch of issues to reach inboxes consistently.

Email verification and cleansing solutions are highly prioritized there. Therefore, you may find these functionalities:

The best part is that Alfred.email integrates with over 80 services, including some big players in the niche, Marketo, Mailerlite, and Hubspot, to name a few. Companies may easily and quickly import and export lists and data to amplify marketing efforts through various solutions.

5. Warmy


Warmy covers A to Z tools to refine, track, and monitor email deliverability and ipso facto revolutionize and empower email campaigns. It stands out mainly because it allows the creation of personalized dashboards to control and audit the in and out. It ships in a cluster of professional services and free tools that increase the chances of getting into recipients’ inboxes. Among its main features are:

  • full automation,
  • AI-based engine,
  • email deliverability checker,
  • email content and health checker,
  • progress monitoring,
  • placement tests.

Like Neverbounce, it also integrates with numerous popular platforms and software like Salesforce, Shopify, and Zapier.

6. Sendpost


Sending over 413 million emails per month, Sendpost certainly has a vast capacity and potential to improve your deliverability rate, to say nothing about providing a reliable environment for email campaigns. Among its main features, you will undoubtedly appreciate these:

  • Cleaning up the contact list and removing spam traps.
  • Providing alerts and notifications through Slack or email.
  • Generating detailed analytics for specific email types.

However, the most significant advantage lies in a multifunctional and multipurpose deliverability CRM that allows business owners to prioritize incidents, analyze progress, and fix and prevent the re-occurrence of issues.

7. Mailtrap


We could not help but include one of the big players in our list so you can compare and contrast different options. Mailtrap is a good all-rounder who occupies a top position in the league. Although it can be intimidating for startups due to its vast arsenal, if you expect your company to grow and reach many subscribers soon, it can be a perfect platform to meet your future needs.

As a professional ESP, it offers companies numerous instruments to create, run, analyze, and enhance email campaigns. Improving deliverability is one of its many obligations. It does all sorts of things for that:

  • inspect and debug emails in different environments;
  • validate emails;
  • check spam;
  • check SPF, DKIM, DMARC;
  • display email design and content across popular screen sizes.

Trusted by Atlassian, Adobe, PayPal, and Toptal, it can be your top destination in search of the best email marketing software for deliverability. However, note it needs extra skills and knowledge to be handled efficiently.


Picking the best email marketing software for deliverability is crucial for many reasons. However, first and foremost, it is the foundation upon which the entire email marketing is built. It helps to achieve success with email marketing and grow your business.

Like many other metrics, deliverability is pretty tricky. It may take lots of time to make it high, but it can be easily destroyed within minutes by the blacklist. Just one wrong step may nullify your progress. This is why a platform specializing in deliverability that forms a layer of protection to secure you from such situations is important to find.

The market is teeming with offers. But what does work best for you? Follow our guide, carefully weigh the options that we have provided, and do not be afraid to change the platform if you find the better option.

Andrian Valeanu
Andrian Valeanu

Andrian Valeanu is a highly respected and recognized expert in email marketing and deliverability with over 20 years of experience in the industry. As the founder of Designmodo, a leading company in email building, Andrian has established a solid reputation for his expertise and guidance, catering to businesses of all sizes.